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Dealing With Change Head On

by Jennifer McCoy

With the changes that lie ahead, if we are indeed to be swept up in economic turmoil, let us focus instead on the positives.

Its not that we're unrealistic but nobody really knows what is going to happen here, or anywhere else for that matter. All we know is that the future is uncertain. As a business owner who relies to a great extent on being engaged by bigger organisations, our business might well be affected.

Perhaps you find yourself, like us, tuning out, switching off, avoiding news reports about economic doom ahead. Probably we're more fortunate than a lot of other people, but it's too easy to be immobilised by fear.

The future may well be an financial disaster, but some economic writers argue that it's large businesses with infrastructure to support that will find the going most difficult; that SMEs can prosper - with flexibility, creativity and determination to become more efficient and productive as they seize new opportunities. Hold to that thought.

Whatever the future holds, leaders need to consider others, whether they run a business or manage a team within a company. That's not a comfortable role in these times, especially when their own future is equally uncertain. However, there are positive ways to view the situation and these ideas might suit.

Maintain morale and business productivity

Whatever the size of the business, staff will be needed to help it through, and people won’t be productive if they fear for their future. This could be an opportunity to build a great staff team. We know what people want, what builds staff commitment, so if you are a workplace leader, try these ideas:

  • keep staff informed of developments - at all times
  • continue to work with them towards a positive future
  • remember to thank them for their efforts -even if you're stressed
  • listen to what they say - they're concerned too and they may have a great idea

Job loss may be a great opportunity

So the worst happens! The business has to downsize to survive and you find yourself at a loose. From experience we know what that feels like. We also know the positives that come from it. Now might be the time to prepare yourself – for personal change and a different and positive future. Here are some ideas things to do:

  • Update your resume - describe your strengths and experience
  • Join networking associations – online, boards, groups
  • Assess your skills and consider training to update them
  • Give yourself permission to focus on what you really want to do with your career, your future