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Newsletter: March 2009

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter operating from its new platform, new company logo and new look. Our aim is to make this newsletter more informative combined with more 'Special Offers' that you could find useful.

If you want to lead change, be a teacher

Whilst there are numerous reasons for failures, the overwhelming reason is that the people involved, the people who have to make the change happen, don't really believe that change is needed. They haven’t been convinced that change is necessary. Or they don't want it to happen because they fear it's going to hurt them.

Understanding the role people play in the success of any change project is the key to change. Change affects people. You might want to change technology, products, curriculum, room setup, buildings. In every case people have to change - the way the do things, the people they work with, the skills that so far have served them well; perhaps, if location change is required, even their family arrangements.

So, when people are faced with change, the first thing they do is put up walls of defence. If you try to break down those walls by dictating strategies, with bullying, with anger born out of frustration - they will just strengthen their defences in resistance. The only way to lower those walls is to back off, withdraw the idea that they are under attack. Instead, focus on explaining the situation, helping people to understand why there is a need to change, the size of the challenge and the value of the solution you are offering. You need to teach them. Read the full article >>>

Change? Grab the opportunity

With so many businesses shrinking or collapsing, there's the real danger that the rest will be paralysed by fear of the worst, inaction a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At a personal level, whether are a leader trying to maintain staff morale, or concerned about your own future, hard times can be viewed, from a different perspective, as a time to stop, reflect and plan for a better future. For leaders this is the time to build relationships with staff, to share concerns as well as ideas – you are in this together.

Here are some questions that you might ask yourself and discuss with your team.

Questions for yourself (and team members)

  • What do I really want to do?
  • Do my current skills still serve me well?
  • What else could I learn?
  • What specifically could I do to improve my performance by 10%
  • What could I do on a daily/weekly basis to change things for the better?
  • How will I make better use of my time?
  • Where will I write down these ideas so I can review and revise plans regularly?
  • What's stopped me doing this so far?

Questions for your whole team

  • What are we really about? What are our values?
  • Where have we not been living up to them?
  • What are we doing that no longer serves us well?
  • How could we involve everyone in improving the way we operate?
  • Have we been resisting change?
  • What do we need to do in the future to keep us alert?
  • What needs to be changed so that staff feel they can contribute, to look for opportunities?
  • How will we make sure we keep to these commitments?

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Worth Reading

One hour/per day = one book/per week
= 52 books/per year!

That's a neat formula for inspiring yourself and others – even if some of that reading is purely for escapism. We aim to recommend something, in each newsletter, that's worth reading from a leadership or inspirational or just interesting point of view. We welcome your suggestions too, including your reviews please, because this formula is still a goal for us too.

Recommended read:
Barack Obama Dreams From My Father (Review) >>>

The purpose of this Newsletter

Positive Change Consulting shows people how to build great leadership, manage change, improve teamwork for business productivity – and restore balance to your life.

In this newsletter we aim to alert you to the latest research into leadership, report people-related workplace news, suggest ways for encouraging staff involvement to improve your business and alert you to the things we are doing and the services we can offer you.

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