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Newsletter: May 2009

We All Need to Play

We are all needing to be so strong during these challenging times. Even if we don't feel personally threatened, there are so many sad stories around that exact their toll on us by referral. Trying to remain resilient is an ongoing challenge under these circumstances. If you're a leader in your workplace, you have even more demands upon you, and so more reason to build resilience. If your stress levels are high you'll be less able to handle the demands on your time or your ability to support staff under stress. A sure recipe for workplace meltdown.

In fact, there's more research emerging that staff are feeling neglected. The immediate impacts are a lack of commitment to your workplace just at a time when you need every bit of help. However, the longer term impacts are more concerning. Those Gen Y staff who feel unappreciated are apparently already planning to move on when the financial situation improves and that’s when you'll need then most of all.

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As you're reading this, we have just returned from Canada, for both of us combining business with a well-earned rest after at least 12 months. Far too long to go without taking time off and a salutary reminder that I’m not being authentic if I advise clients and readers to ensure their work/life balance and ignore my own. So, that's the new goal!

There are enormous benefits from taking a holiday, not necessarily overseas, - new things to see and people to meet, activities to try out, new foods to eat, time to read books – the list is endless and we should do more of it. A valuable mind shift! Taking time off though doesn’t even need a huge amount of time; there are some simple, and unusual ways to take a break.

Recently I was alerted by Genos Australia*, to this article on USA Today about the book Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul (Penguin, $24.95). The writer is a psychiatrist who writes about the power of ‘play’ as a means to build personal resilience and manage stress during difficult times.

He defines play in unconventional ways - involving things like joking, moving, collecting, or storytelling—but regardless of the way you play, the benefits are quite clear. Disengage your mind a little each day, and you will perform better at work, reduce stress hormone in your bloodstream—and most importantly, live a happier, balanced life.

Read the article on the USA Today website >>>

* Jennifer is an accredited provider of Genos emotional intelligence programs.

Leaders Need Followers

We all know the saying: ‘Without followers, you aren’t a leader; you’re simply taking a walk’. The big question is how do you, as a leader, get your message across, communicate with people, persuade them to follow you, inspire their commitment and influence their thinking in ethical ways. The article Five Ways to Speak Like Obama on BNET unpacks the art of speaking and gives useful links to view Obama performances that demonstrate the points being made. Well worth exploring.

Read the article on BNET >>>

"The best managers manage by walking around. They're visible and they never, ever tire of going on to the factory or ship floor. They make a point of visiting their sites at odd times, after hours and on weekends. They visit their customers frequently."

Richard Pratt
SmartCompany.com.au eNewsletter April 27.

Worth Reading

One hour/per day = one book/per week
= 52 books/per year!

Book Cover - The Unthinkable

This month's selection, The Unthinkable: Who survives when disaster strikes, by Amanda Ripley is worth reading. Given the crises bubbling around us it's topical and very positive despite it's emotive title.

Recommended read:
The Unthinkable: Who survives when disaster strikes, by Amanda Ripley (Review) >>>

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