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Newsletter: August 2009

Interpersonal skills – a key to leadership success

Numerous articles and books are written about how to succeed as a leader. In our view, interpersonal skills should be positioned at the top of the list of required skills.

People skills - that raft of skills that cause others to say about a leader "He really seems to be interested in us" or "She always stops to talk to us when she comes by", even "I know I can talk to him if I really need to". This is emotional intelligence at work, the people skills that inspire staff to follow you, to be willing to do what you ask and more; the skills that enable you to work effectively with people and bring out the best in them.

One leader we know always makes a point of saying good morning to staff and then goodbye as he leaves late afternoon. His leadership team is expected to follow his example: new staff must be introduced to him and the organization standards explained and maintained; achievements are marked, mutual respect is scrupulously monitored, professional development is encouraged and supported, regular feedback is an integral part of management at every level, birthdays are celebrated, and even temporary staff are thanked with a farewell. His staff follow him with absolute commitment.

We all know someone like this and unfortunately all too often we dismiss the skills involved as 'personal charisma – that we don’t have'. It’s true, some people have that enviable quality. The rest of us though can learn many of those skills once we know what they are.

Emotional intelligence is another term for interpersonal or people skills: in reality simple skills that we all exhibit to a greater or lesser degree, but every one of them able to be developed. What are these skills? Being aware of others, listening to people; being aware of yourself and managing your own emotions; managing others sensitively and respectfully.

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Interpersonal skills, supported by a strong management framework, are skills and values embedded in coaching skills. Read about Coaching Skills for Workplace Leaders >>>

What's happening in Workplaces

Workplace environments

Some interesting highlights this month.

An MBA student of mine has been keeping me posted on news items he finds about women leaders.

Gender in leadership is not an issue I have ever chosen to address but I'll pass these on because they do raise some interesting points. You can then make up your own minds.

You will notice that northern parts of the globe feature, again. We've only been back 4 weeks and the holiday is fading; these are but the last remnants of memory.

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Worth Reading

One hour/per day = one book/per week
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Book Cover - Walking The Camino

This month we've chosen Walking The Camino, a personal account by an Australian former diplomat, who made a pilgrimage along an ancient medieval path in Spain, seeking peace, escape and solitude. It's an interesting story, an inspiration to those of us aspiring to find a sense of purpose and balance in our frenetic lives.

Recommended read:
Walking The Camino - a modern pilgrimage to Santiago (Review) >>>

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