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Newsletter: October 2009

Bullying at Work

Bullying at work has hit the headlines again, despite all the legal and social initiatives to stamp it out. A recent survey by Drake International revealed that 56% of employees have either been bullied or have witnessed workplace bullying within the last 12 months; 60% of employees who have been bullied felt their company did not deal with the situation effectively.

The most common forms of bullying are:

  • Verbal abuse - insults, sarcasm
  • Silence and isolation
  • Psychological harassment - constant criticism
  • Not getting the information you need to do your work properly
  • Public humiliation

Managers too are not immune. Research by Griffith University’s Dr Sara Branch, reported at the Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference 2009, that 1:4 Australian managers have experienced bullying. ‘Upward bullying’ takes the form of rumour spreading, withholding information, intentionally missing deadlines, skipping meetings - even threatening behaviour.

Many managers don't report it, fearing disbelief, lack of support or blame - for not being effective managers.

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Plus, if you want to learn about the things that employees hate, look no further than this book.

Employee Enragement

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Coaching Skills for Workplace Leaders

If you want to develop the skills that build positive working relationships, this is the program consider. Learn how to:

  • Identify individual strengths – clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Communicate clearly, initiate discussions, value people and the workgroup
  • Develop practical questioning techniques to engage commitment
  • Use a structured coaching framework to establish goals and action plans
  • Reach agreement with workers on performance standards
  • Resolve difficult situations

This program has been recognised by the AQTF as equivalent to two units in the Training Package BSB 40807 Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

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Worth Seeing (not Reading)

One hour/per day = one book/per week
= 52 books/per year!

This month's selection, is a documentary, not a book, The Age of Stupid - Six true stories indicate that our time to reverse the impact of climate change may be running out.

Age of Stupid

Described by international media and politicians alike as ‘essential viewing to anyone who cares about the survival of our planet’, The Age of Stupid stars Oscar nominee Pete Postlethewaite as an old man living in the devastated world of 2055, watching ‘archival’ footage from 2008 and asking, ‘why didn't we stop climate change whilst we still had the chance?’

We've missed the very limited screening but the DVD has just been released in the UK. Watch out for it.

View Youtube clip & read what reviewers have said >>>

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