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Newsletter: November 2009

Managers Under Siege? Try coaching solutions.

Pity the manager or beleaguered team leader these days! Research surveys and productivity reports consistently lay the blame on them for everything - from standards of employee engagement to staff turnover to low productivity.

Now they are also being blamed for, potentially, causing a slow recovery from the economic downturn. before it has happened! And why? Because a lack of good management might mean staff will not engage and make commitment to business recovery.

Are the criticisms justified? Probably - disaffected employees usually claim poor management as the chief cause. But what do they mean by that?

Staff want to know where they are going; they want to be allowed to ‘have a say’, to be respected for their skill and contributions, and given feedback on their performance. Put like this their requirements sound reasonable, don’t they?

However, given the pressures of work, managers and team leaders usually want something tangible and immediate.  They need strategies, even the words to use, and a coaching system does that.

The case for coaching at work

At its heart, coaching is about respecting people; valuing the contributions they make; working with them to ensure they can meet work commitments. Coaching means acknowledging the strengths people bring to a job and helping them to overcome weaknesses, whether by support, encouragement or training. Coaching also means holding people accountable for the responsibilities they accept.

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Worth Reading

One hour/per day = one book/per week
= 52 books/per year!

Hundred Percenters by Mark Murphy, the CEO of Leadership IQ.

I think this book is worth considering. Leaders are always looking for strategies to motivate team members. This book, based on solid research, gives practical strategies and challenges all of us to stretch people more.

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