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Newsletter: January 2010

Take Stock Before the Real Action Starts.

It's still early in the new year and even though you are back at work reading this newsletter, there's just a possibility the pace has not yet picked up.

January is usually a good time to ease yourself back into work, re-focusing on projects while, at the same time, reflecting and prioritising with a more balanced perspective.

It's an ideal time to plan for the year ahead - for your team, for the business, for yourself. Planning too, to maintain the balance.

I don't like talking about New Year resolutions, fuelled as they are so often are with the euphoria of holidays and good intentions. I do know, as a coach, the value of maintaining a balanced perspective and of setting goals to achieve it. We live in such challenging times, confronted by major issues at a global, local and personal level, that it's so difficult to know what we can do to find a way through them. Even to make our own contribution to solutions.

If you are a manager or team leader some of those issues impact your workplace: environmental solutions translate into office paper recycling and ensuring that staff switch of monitors; social issues may translate into fund-raising projects. Leadership carries with it wide responsibility: for the business, for its people and for the future.

Meanwhile I'll alert you to a number of resources that might inspire, energise and at least interest you.

Worth trying.

Try this leadership Quiz. In my November newsletter I referred to 'Hundred Percenters', written by Mark Murphy of Leadership IQ.

Read the review >>>

Now they offer a Leadership Quiz, based on the book. Try it yourself, learn your score and then find out where and how to improve your skills. It's fun as well as useful.

Click through to the Quiz >>>

Worth seeing

Post Christmas, and now into the post-Christmas sales, this little video simplifies the whole complex story of production and consumerism linked to the underlying environmental and social issues that are difficult to get your head around. It's fast-paced, amusing, draws the links for us in cute graphics - and is bound to make you look differently at the stuff in your life - forever.

What's the relevance to your workplace, to your leadership? Watch it with your team and discuss with them how to make more efficient use of your resources?

See the video >>>

Worth thinking about

If you've wondered why your New Year Resolutions don't work, and why I avoid them, read Michael Neil's geniusblog: The Loaded Goal

Coaching Special Offer

Don't forget! Take advantage of this occasional Special Offer and revitalise your career. Three coaching sessions for the price of two. Offer ends January 20th.

Click here >>>

Worth Reading

One hour/per day = one book/per week
= 52 books/per year!

What Matters Now.

Blogger Seth Godin has produced a Free eBook, 'What Matters Now' a collection of 200 word essays from many industry and thought leaders on the subject, 'one word that matters to me right now'. You can download the book or you can buy the printed edition whereupon all proceeds go to a charity. Think too about the one word that matters most to you.

See project and book >>>


Can you recommend a book or video - just a short paragraph and include the purchase details.

Be the first to send a review we use, and we'll reward you with a copy of '2 Way Feedback'.

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