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Newsletter: October 2010

Values underpin leadership success

One of the first discussions a coach has with a leader is about values: the values he holds, the values he practises consistently at work, and how those values make a difference. Answers seldom come easily: this conversation, an essential starting point for a leader, may be ongoing throughout their development journey.

Values are the foundation for our attitudes and personal preferences; crucial decisions, about life and work are made on the basis of the values we hold. Knowing the values we hold and their priorities, can help us balance perspectives, make informed judgements in difficult circumstances.

For leaders, identifying their values and then living them, is critical to their success. One view of leadership argues "the purpose of leadership is to change the world around you in the name of your values, so you can live those values more fully and use them to make life better for others".

Whether or not you accept that view of leadership entirely, our values drive our decisions and actions. Yet few of us give any thought to them, even if we do live by them. Even less frequently do we think about how these same values we espouse might become the standard by which we lead at work, the standard by which everyone operates: the way we do things around here. Would it indeed be possible to make life better for others, if we gave consideration, and commitment, to our values at work.

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Leaders starting their coaching program use this activity to clarify their values. Try it yourself.

Download the Values Exercise >>>

  • Identify the values you feel most strongly about
  • Consider whether your staff would be able to pick your values
  • Watch your self at work and decide how consistent you are.

R U OK? Day

R U OK Day? on Thursday October 7th is a national day of action that aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about and help stop little problems turning into big ones.

Make R U OK? Day, the day you start to put your values consciously to work. Simply ask people close to you: R U OK? No, they don't have to be or look vulnerable; the broader aim is to connect people.

R U OK? at Work has 4 key objectives:
  • Help employees feel good about themselves by connecting with, and supporting others.
  • Increase connection and support within organisations.
  • Through that connection and support, reduce workplace stress and depression.
  • Through reducing workplace stress and depression, help reduce Australia's suicide rate.

If you miss the day, ask the question anyway. Everone values connection.

Coaching Skills for Workplace Leaders

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Now offered as a Public Program through
The Aspin Group.

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Day One Friday November 5th

Coaching skills provide fundamental communication skills for working effectively with your staff: skills for clarifying direction, negotiating responsibilities, establishing goals and timeframes, giving feedback – all within a framework that clearly establishes accountability.

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Building Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills, Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI), can be defined as the ability to understand, manage, and effectively express one's own feelings, as well as engage and navigate successfully with those of others can be learned.

Contact us to discuss how emotional intelligence assessment and coaching might be able to improve communication and relationships in your workplace.


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