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Newsletter: March 2011

How to delegate: self-coaching strategies for leadership success

"How do I delegate work to my staff?" It's a question most managers ask at some time, often with a hint of desperation in their voices, and their reasons for the question are compelling:

  • They want to be able to challenge their staff, to give them opportunities to grow, to learn more about their business or industry, to up-skill them.
  • They want to be able to free themselves from the detail of hands-on management that consumes their day, to give themselves time to lead their team.

They are usually also worried about over-burdening their staff, of applying too much pressure, so that they create dissent and build resistance.

However, a new report, the BlessingWhite Employee Engagement report 2011, found that employees worldwide "want to see a purpose in their work and to feel personal satisfaction in their jobs". The top drivers of job satisfaction are seen as opportunities to "do what I do best", plus career development and training.

This is exactly what managers are saying they want for their staff too.

Delegating responsibilities means sharing the load, developing staff and allowing time for real leadership. It's a win/win solution.

Read the article; coach yourself to sucessfully delegate work >>>

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