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Newsletter: September 2013

Starting over

It is many months since I last wrote a newsletter. There have been numerous occasions when I've almost seized a moment, usually when a new subscriber trustingly signs up and I was guilt-ridden, for that moment, about abandonning my readers.

But guilt is not the spirit of intent that should lie behind this newsletter so in some ways I'm glad I didn't succumb.

As usual my excuse is busyness and a different focus for a time; but the fundamental reason for this business was never far from my thoughts. Besides, some exciting opportunities have opened up that I will explain over the next few newsletters. So the timing is right.

Showing we care about others

The key focus of my work has always been to help create workplaces where people want to be. While the commitment has to come initially from leadership, and I work with them to achieve those ends, everyone has to play a part.

Work life, indeed life itself, can be so stressful and lonely today. The world moves at an incredible pace, resulting often in a disconnect between people. Add to that the scarcity of jobs and the pressures to survive at work and its perhaps little wonder that bullying is rife and workplaces for many people just sheer misery. Which brings me to R U OK? Day

Thursday September 12, the second Thursday in September, is R U OK? Day dedicated to reminding people to check in with family and friends.

The R U OK? Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging all people to regularly and meaningfully ask 'Are you ok?' to support those struggling with life. True its focus is on preventing suicide, life at its most bleak; I think the sentiments are worthy of any people and apply to us all.

Try it out on R U OK? Day,which might be today for many of us. But remember and ask the question of someone every day. Life is short and we spend a lot of it at work. Lets make it our mission to think about others.

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