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Newsletter: October 2013

When pressure at work is unsustainable and unnecessary.

I wrote last month about the responsibility we should all have to care for people around us, especially colleagues at work who usually try to mask their pain out of fear of retribution. My focus then was the R U OK? Foundation.

This month I want to draw your attention to recent research focused on the pressures many people are under at work, in this case teachers, which I argue from my position as a leadership coach, is both is unsustainable and unnecessary

This month Monash University has issued a News Report, Early burnout puts heat on teacher education, an update on their FIT-Choice project which is tracking the experiences of new teachers from 2002-3. The full report is not yet available, but The Age (Oct 6) followed up the story.

The outcomes are sobering.

27% of those teachers report low morale, lowered levels of confidence and burn-out, despite initial high enthusiasm for the job.

The reasons:

  • Perceived lack of school support
  • Heavy administrative and compliance demands which impact on time and energy for teaching

What are the costs?

  • Potentially there’s a loss of nearly 30% of experienced teaching staff after a relatively few years.
  • Of greater concern is the impact on students of teachers experiencing these symptoms, who report “much greater negativity in their interaction with students… using sarcasm, aggression, responding negatively to mistakes”.

Some answers?

The study reports, “When teachers had a high level of professional support, they were more effective and their sense of wellbeing improved.”

Peer support, or co-coaching programs, where teachers are trained in simple coaching skills, is an effective way to encourage respectful and professional collegiate support. Their leaders, whether in the role of leader-coach or mentor, need similar skills to support those teachers.

Our Programs for education have been designed to meet those needs

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