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Newsletter: November 2013

Leadership for innovation.

How well are you leading innovation at work? Are you creative? Can you come up with innovative ideas?

The need for innovation is becoming an imperative. We all know this. The challenge is to know how. Leaders aren’t necessarily innovative: they can though create the environment for innovation; they can encourage creative ideas to flow.

Fostering creativity is achieved through openness and collaboration, by encouraging debate and new ideas from everyone. That’s not to say every creative idea is going to work, or is even practicable. However, listening and keeping an open mind about new ideas is more likely to lead to innovation.

Creating the environment for innovation is more demanding than we need at this time of year. Instead, take some moments to try out to some creative strategies yourself, learn how creative people ‘tick’; and then look with fresh eyes at your workplace habits.

Involve your kids! Put the relatives to work at Christmas.

Innovation thrives on creativity.

  • Allow yourself some quiet time; switch off your brain.
  • Discover how creative you are with this Mindtools creativity quiz.
  • Try out some puzzles to stretch your brain; learn a new language
  • Test yourself, and the family, with these 5 Classic Creative Challenges.
  • Start some physical exercise – and stick to it.

Get ready now for 2014

Ask yourself some, or all of these questions:

  • What assumptions lie behind the way we do things around work?.
  • What are the most stupid things we do? And plan to stop doing them.
  • Who are the creative people at work? How could they be encouraged more?

Make the commitment never to say 'But' - instead use ‘And’ whenever you are tempted, and see how positively people respond.

Read Think Out of the Box by Mike Vance.

Download Innovation Leadership, a short and practical approach, from the Center for Creative Leadership.

Our Collaborative Venture:
Business and Leadership Coaching 2014

My colleague Paddy Spruce and I are collaborating to offer our range of services focused on Businesss and Leadership Coaching.

This is definitely a creative and innovative move that already is proving its value.

Paddy Spruce has worked with public and private sector organisations nationally and internationally for over twenty five years. He is also a founding member and former State President of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Our programs and services are complimentary; we believe together they offer our clients are more holistic choice.

Read about Leadership and Business Coaching and download our brochure

Have a safe and restful festive break and we'll be in touch late in January.

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