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Newsletter: February 2014

Questions That Leaders Should Ask

This month we'll focus on communication skills, specifically on questions that leaders should find useful and also draw your attention to a few articles that we've found interesting.

Leaders often speak of 'feeling' the weight of responsibility and this article Questions That Leaders Should Ask offers some suggestions for sharing the burden. Read here

Articles We Liked

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Nice or Tough:
Which Approach Engages Employees Most?

This article describes a study to discover the most effective leadership behaviours and confirms that employees want leaders to be both nice and tough.

Leaders, they found, often take one of two approaches: 'Drivers' are good at establishing high standards, keeping people focused on goals, and continually improving.

'Enhancers' by contrast, act as role models, giving honest feedback in a helpful way, developing people, and maintaining trust.

Neither approach on its own is sufficient to increase employee engagement. You can demand a great deal from employees, but also be seen as considerate, trusting, and collaborative.

How Regular Exercise Helps You Balance
Work and Family

We probably all know we should be do more exercise, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded every so often. Particularly if its backed up with some proof about the benefits: 'an hour of exercise creates a feeling that lasts well beyond that hour spent at the gym'. Then where do you start? Just take the first step.

Our Collaborative Venture:
Leadership and Business Coaching 2014

My colleague Paddy Spruce and I are collaborating to offer our range of services focused on
Leadership and Business Coaching.

This is definitely a creative and innovative move that already is proving its value.

Paddy Spruce has worked with public and private sector organisations nationally and internationally for over twenty five years. He is also a founding member and former State President of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Our programs and services are complimentary; we believe together they offer our clients are more holistic choice.

Read about Leadership and Business Coaching and download our brochure

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