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Newsletter: March 2014

Mindfulness and Leadership

This month I want to introduce the subject of mindfulness and the value of mindfulness practice for leaders.

Mindfulness? The skill, or mental discipline, of being able to curb our minds from wandering; to focus attention on the things most useful and helpful to us, in the here and now, instead of being distracted or consumed by stress.

Dr Craig Hassed of Monash University's Department of General Practice, argues that mindfulness is 'The most scientifically investigated form of meditation', and that research evidence is fast proving the benefits for general health, performance, inner peace, as well as other concerns like depression.

For leaders, constantly faced with multiple decisions to be made with limited time, practising mindfulness can reduce time wasting, minimise errors, decrease mis-communication problems.

We'll be returning to this subject in future issues. In the meantime you might like to read this article by Dr Craig Hassed.

Hassed, C. The health benefits of meditation and being mindful. Monash University. PDF Download

Blog: Coach at Work

This month we are launching our blog, and welcome readers. It's more personal than this newsletter - and is proving to be a rewarding exercise in mindfulness. In this blog I want to talk about what coaching means - to help workplace leaders to see the value and use some of the skills themselves. Read it here

Exploring Mindfulness and Coaching

Paddy Spruce, my business associate for has written this article Exploring Mindfulness and Coaching.

Paddy has practised mindfulness himself for many years and always introduces coaching clients to the practice of mindfulness. His article will explain the value of mindfulness and how a coach might use mindfulness in working with a client. Read it now

Leadership and Business Coaching

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