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Newsletter: June 2014

The Dark Side of Workplace Communication.

Usually in working with leaders, we focus on the positives; on how to use communication to bring out the best in people. Or we show people how to manage conflicts, how to negotiate win-win outcomes.

Realistically, and unfortunately, all too often there are difficult people and situations that have to be dealt with.

But there can be a darker side to workplace communications. Some people lie and other people suffer because of their behaviour.

I'd like to introduce Steve Van Aperen, an expert in cognitive and behavioural interviewing and detecting deception, who gives us very helpful Tips for Detecting Lies.

Steve runs SVA Training in Melbourne.

We've probably all experienced the problem at some time – from students, colleagues, even bosses. If we haven't experienced it ourselves, the media revels in stories of high-fliers bought undone by their lying.

The big question is, how are you to identify the behaviour, the lies, if you are in a position of authority, if you are expected to do something about it?

Read Steve's article for yourselves. His advice is practical, giving you strategies for using at work.Then practise the skills yourself, reading body language and reassessing words being used.

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