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Newsletter: July 2014

Reflective practice and journalling: valuable new skills for leaders

Perhaps these skills aren't new for you, but many managers and leaders admit to being hard-pressed to find the time ever to stop and think. Let alone write anything down.

Writing a journal? Does that instantly render you silent? Stricken with writer's cramp?

This month's article, Writing a journal: reflective practice for leaders gives you a framework for journaling, key ideas and a few questions to get you started.

Read it here

You just have to make the time for reflection.

Two articles I've read this month also highlight the value of reflection.

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Research on emotional intelligence is very clear about the importance of self-awareness as it helps individuals understand their strengths and the risk factors associated with their personality type, thinking preferences, values and beliefs.

This article explores some of the more common unconscious filters that can get in the way of developing your potential to the full.

  • Resistance to feedback
  • Listening but not hearing
  • Distortions
  • Emotional triggers
  • Control mechanisms

Twose, Siobhan. Building self-awareness. Training Journal. June 2014

Changing habits

Whether it's choosing to explore and develop your self-awareness or make a commitment to start journaling a part of your personal develop, both will demand a change in the way you operate, a change in your habits. And habits, the experts tell us, take about 3 months of focus to change.

We can all think of great ideas abandoned out of sheer frustration: the gym membership that failed because you hated machines.

So what can you do to maintain your focus for those 3 months? Until the new habits are simply the way you always operate.

This article suggests trying different tactics to see what will actually work for you.

  • Think first about the real purpose for making a change
  • Brainstorm options
  • Test out the tactics, ask others to monitor your progress

Saunders, Elizabeth. G. The Key to Lasting Behavioral Change: Think Goal, Not Tactic. HBR Blog 2014

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