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Newsletter: February 2015

Communication Skills for Influencing Others

This month's article, Eight powerful communication behaviours for influencing Others Part 2 describes the value of the behaviours assessed in the Behavior Minderâ„¢, explaining how and when to use them most effectively.

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Leadership Coaching Package

Our Leadership Coaching program uses the Behavior Minder™ as the basis for leadership coaching.

A great starting point for any leader.

Our coaching program builds from there with 5 x one-hour sessions, face-to-face, by skype of telephone, plus email or telephone support between sessions.

The outcomes for you:

  • Improved communication and leadership skills
  • Increased ability to achieve win-win agreements
  • Stronger relationships

Download our Leadership Coaching brochure here

Other articles you might find interesting

I'm very grateful to Dr Allistair Rylatt for alerting me to this article from Huffington Post. As a leadership coach, with responsibility for helping people to beat their personal challenges, to change something in their lives, I'm usually asked: "How long is this going to take". I've always replied confidently: "The 'experts' argue that it will take 3 months to change a habit".

To be honest, I've never had any evidence to support this response and just grateful that people have been reassured that they don't need to look for overnight success.

Now there is evidence and the timeframe is a little less: just 66 days. Good intentions really can translate into change.

The research:Lally, P., Cornelia, H., Van Jaarsveld, M., Potts, H. & Wardle, J. 2010, 'How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world', European Journal of Social Psychology, vol. 40, no. 6, pp. 998-1009.

Blog: Coach at Work

Some people can be delberately challenging. Learn how to manage a passive-aggressive team member - and stop blaming yourself for mis-communication problems. Read it here

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