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What Others Have Said About 2 Way Feedback

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"It’s short, accessible, full of the ‘good-oil’—wise and practical suggestions about feedback and within a solutions focused framework. Great for supervisors and managers and busy people."
Ross Gillespie. Director, CoachCorp Pty Ltd

"As both a business owner and facilitator of Leadership Training I have read many books and articles on leadership, managing people and giving feedback. Jennifer’s book 2 Way Feedback is the most practical, workplace relevant, easy to use reference that assists business owners, managers and team leaders manage their most valuable resource - 'their people'."
Malka Lawrence. CEO, The Malka Group Pty Ltd

"Our employees are all field workers, out working on their own, with only intermittent occasions when we cross paths. "2 Way Feedback" has helped us create our team and to make the most of every opportunity that we do meet, giving us practical points to act on and also challenging us at times to re-think our approaches."
Kristian and Kerrie Guppy Aus Eco Solutions. Ballan Victoria

"Jennifer, I have just read your book 2 Way Feedback and have found the content stimulating. You have managed to synthesize very simply and concisely a great deal of the material that I have read in books and magazine articles. The format and writing style make this, in my view, a very useful text for daily reference. A number of pages and sections have been tagged or 'dog-eared' so I can find parts easily."
Alan Andrews. Architect and Design Manager