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Positive Change Consulting offers a number of workshops to assist organisations to improve performance through their people.

Positive Change workshops are customised to ensure that you achieve practical outcomes.

We aim to:

  • Clarify your needs before we start.
  • Focus on solutions.
  • Introduce ideas and facilitate discussion.
  • Introduce tools that can be used in your workplace.
  • Provide opportunities to practise with relevant situations, assisting the translation of new ideas into the reality of your workplace.
  • Meet your time frames [our workshops can, in most cases, be facilitated within either a half-day or a one-day schedule].
  • Provide support workshops with individual coaching where it is needed.

Workshops include:

What Others Have Said:

"I need to focus on "the behaviours" needed from staff to achieve company directions"

"Will now analyse what I currently do & develop a plan for future team management which I’ll review regularly and invite staff input"

"Well run and interesting. Most importantly it was thought provoking"